Our business started from humble beginnings in 1969, the year Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. As with innovation around space exploration, we have never stopped revolutionising our business… From starting with a single drill rig, we have continued to expand our operations into a global network, with Mitchell businesses now operating in excess of 100 rigs world-wide.

That original project near Nebo, in Australia’s North Queensland Province, proved to be so successful that it became the foundation from which Mitchell Services embarked on a programme of international expansion. Now, five decades later, their global subsidiary, Mitchell Drilling International, operates around the world, encompassing Africa, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region.

Since those early days, the Mitchell Group has been unrelenting in forging a superb record when it comes to delivering safe, efficient, and proactive drilling services to the global energy-, mining- and related industry sectors. We maintain absolute commitment to the highest levels of service and safety, engaging with a blue-chip client base ranging from mining and energy concerns to governments and private explorers.

The key Mitchell Drilling International mission will always be to invest in our staff, as people are an organisation’s most valuable asset. The accomplishments of every individual within the team directly contribute to our overall success, and we therefore unswervingly focus on supporting our staff out in the field. This goes for each and every project, no matter where they are situated around the world, thus enabling our drilling teams to concentrate on their core focus: delivering safe, superior and efficient services to clients.

Consistently striving to improve our standards of efficiency and safety underscores our philosophy towards client delivery. You could say these innovative solutions have become a constant hallmark during our historic rise within the drilling industry, and it is therefore no wonder that Mitchell Drilling International was the first company to successfully accomplish the drilling of surface-to-inseam (SIS) intersecting coal seam gas wells in Australia, China and Botswana.

Bottom line: to all of us at MDI, ‘We Know Drilling’ is way more than just a company motto. This vision has come to encompass a wider mission, and is exactly why we stand out and perform beyond expectation when it comes to client delivery. So, wherever your project and whatever your deadline may be, you can trust us to deliver, every single time.

Hundreds of highlights have stood out over our many decades of operation in the drilling industry, but these are our most notable achievements:

  • Over 5 million meters drilled for mineral- and coal exploration across the world.
  • Pioneering directional surface to in-seam drilling techniques, and in the process leading the development of Australia’s CBM industry by turning formerly un economical coal seam reservoirs into a cost-effective reality.
  • Drilling 2000+ CBM wells in Australia.
  • Drilling 100+ CBM wells overseas.
  • Completing 300 CBM horizontal wells in Australia.
  • Completing 100 CMB horizontal wells overseas.