Mozambique makes for a Mañana (tomorrow is another day) state of mind … The coastline is especially inviting, boasting a captivating blend of swaying palm trees, sun-kissed beaches and the hottest peri-peri prawns on the continent, so it is no wonder large crowds of South Africans head here on their annual holidays.

Anything goes along this undulating shoreline, and those prepared to venture off the beaten track will revel in a laid-back vibe characterising this unexplored calypso coast. Ponta (near the SA border) and beyond to Vilankulos rate as prime tourism territory, while wilderness off-roaders who head north past Beira will discover unhurried Africa.

Here, life is all about going barefoot on a deserted beach or fly-fishing along sweeping, shallow reefs and banks. Don your mask to dive with tropical darters or watch in awe as giant sea turtles lumber onto the beach to lay their eggs. It truly is a paradise…

Bazaruto- and the Quirimbas Archipelagos have been identified as global biodiversity hotspots, with dugong, dolphins, whales and a host of other marine creatures finding protection here. Traveling in Mozambique used to be tough, with erratic road conditions and a corrupt police force, but the government has worked hard to eradicate these problems.

Massive new road projects (often in partnership with China) and infrastructure improvements have seen a spike in the country’s economic fortunes. Northern Mozambique does however suffer from political instability and should be avoided if possible.  All in all, though, Africa does not get much better than this!


PROJECT FOCUS: Commodity – Coal
LOCATION: Tete, Mozambique



Capital City: Maputo

Population: 30.37 million

Health:  Malaria, HIV and are tropical diseases are rife.

Local Time:  Central African Time (CAT) / Greenwich Mean Time (+2 hours)

Crime:  Beware of petty theft and robbery in cities, especially in tourist areas. Extremist violence characterises some northern districts.

Currency: Mozambican metical

Exchange Rate: R1 = 4,40 Mozambican metical

Transport: Main roads are good, but gravel- or sands routes are notoriously bad and require a good 4×4. Rail links connect to Malawi, Zimbabwe and RSA, with 42 airports, including the Maputo International Airport, offering air travel options.

Climate:  Tropical and warm with dry, cool weather from May to October. Rainy summers.

Official Language: Portuguese

Dialing Code: +(258)

Entry Requirements: Eligible passport with minimum validity of 6 months, valid credit/debit card to pay the e-Visa processing fee and email address to which approved visa will be sent.

Tourist Information:


ENGLISH: Hello, how are you?
PORTUGUESE: Oi, tudo bem?


The small chapel, ‘Nossa Senhora de Baluarte’ on the eastern tip of Mozambique Island is the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere. It has been dated to 1522 and was built by Portuguese settlers in the Manueline vaulted architectural style.