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Mitchell Drilling International's capabilities are wide ranging and are driven by our commitment to remain client focused. We remain flexible to meet the expectations of customers and are always focused on 'finding a better way'.

  • More meters
  • Continual efficency gains
  • Better safety outcomes (zero harm)
  • Better communication
  • Better overall client outcomes
  • Finding a better way

Drilling where you need to drill

Mitchell Drilling International is strategically positioned to mobilise to all regions of the globe. We understand that every location presents its own unique set of challenges, approvals and protocols, and follow due process to ensure our team and equipment are deployed and operational in the optimum timeframe.

The Mitchell team has the necessary experience to be on the ground and operating within a matter of weeks, having set up substantial drilling operations across the globe.

Mitchell Drilling International has operating entities set up in the key destinations listed adjacent. We are available to mobilise to any destination as required to fulfill our clients need.

For further information email or call +61 (07) 3716 7577